Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Don't Limit An Unlimited God

Don't limit an unlimited God.  Do you have a dream that you want to accomplish?  Does it seem unattainable?  Does it just seem too big?  Nothing is too big.  Why is that?  We have a God that is bigger than anything that you can possibly imagine.  When we have that, why do we worry over something so small?  I see a picture shared through social media a lot where it shows a night sky and the Earth where it says that God built all of this so for us to trust in Him that he can take care of all of our needs.  That is so true.  When we place limits on ourselves or our dreams, we're basically saying that it can't be reached.  God knows our hearts and our dreams.  He knows our desires and hopes.  We need to dream big and believe that we are going to reach our dreams.  Believe and even more so in those times when the world is beating you down into thinking that you can't get there.  You have an unlimited God that is working for all of us.  Never place limits on God cause God can make your dreams come true in just one moment.  That is a really awesome thought.  So today, just breathe and know that you have an awesome God that is working for us even when we may not even be able to see it.  That is when God is doing His best work when we don't even know what He is up to.  Believe and dream big.

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