Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Welcome To The Hallway of Faith

Welcome to the Hallway of Faith website.  The plan for this website is for it to be pretty much just like the name says and that is a hallway with several doors of rooms that you can go into.  Encouragement, music, movies, entertainment, and whatever else.  A little bit of everything.  I often see that picture of a hallway that says “while you are waiting on God to open the next door, praise him in the hallway”.  I love that saying and am a big believer in it.  Life is a lot about waiting for God to open doors in our lives.  Have you ever just thought of your life as a hallway full of doors?  Maybe you tried one door and are walking out of it tired.  You are thinking, oh, that was not the right place for me.  Maybe you are looking at one door and thinking that door is for me.  However, it seems to be locked or just completely sealed.  God saying no, that door isn’t for you or maybe it isn’t just for you yet.  I have had many times where I have thought of life as this hallway full of doors and I have just pictured myself sitting down in the hallway not having any clue what door is mine and seeing no signs of a door opening soon.  LOL.  Might as well get comfy cause it is going to be a while with the waiting.  Then, that door just pops open.  Maybe we have doors that we are knocking on seeing if we can get in.  Nobody is answering it.  What about this door over here?  Hmm, that one is just not right.  Not for me.  Maybe one door opens for you and God is saying “look in here and get a peak” just to show you, oh, definitely not.  God will move us room to room sometimes in our lives where it is time to step into this other room and see what it is has to offer.  Sometimes, just like the name says, we are just standing in the hallway.  Waiting on God to show the next move and when.  Make no mistake.  Your door will open just in the right time and place.  God will see fit to open that door just for you.  The key to it all.  Faith.  Trust God to open doors.  Trust God on those doors that he keeps closed.  Trust that there is a reason that God has for opening doors and also keeping doors closed and it is for our own good.  In the meantime, you might as well have fun in the hallway.  Praise God for God is good.  This website can be a hallway of sorts for any of us.  Maybe one of these doors will provide some encouragement and some of these doors will just be some fun.  I hope to just make it a wide variety of things in God.  Welcome to Hallway of Faith. 

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