Friday, June 6, 2014

It Takes A Church Premieres On GSN

I have been hearing for a while about a show called It Takes A Church and I have had a lot of excitement in checking it out.  Last night was the premiere of it on GSN.  The show is hosted by Natalie Grant and the theme of it is to find someone for a single in the church.  That goes with the name It Takes A Church meaning it takes a church to match make and find the right person for that chosen single in the congregation.  I really enjoyed this show a lot.  An unexpected single in the church will get a surprise every week when they are chosen to be the one looking to be set up for love.  There will be eligible singles that will be picked out to try and see if there is any chemistry with the person.  They are observed by family members or friends watching to see who has the best chemistry and what would be best for the person.  This includes the pastor who is in on this as well.  Last night's episode had several things including a challenge where you had to work on your communication skills.  I thought that was such a good tool in a relationship.  It was a challenge where you had to lead the person through an obstacle course of sorts.  The person was blindfolded and it showed how you were able to lead the person to get through this course without stepping on to something.  It shows your verbal skills, leadership skills, and also just your personality all around on handling something like that with how you are trying to help her through this.  I thought it was such a fun way to teach this communication tool.  Through the show, the eligible singles are voted out and we get down to a final two.  The person will then make the choice on who they think there is better chemistry with and who they would like to pursue more.  It is a fun show and I look forward to checking out more episodes.  It is a fun way to get the church involved.  We all have churches where you know of a single in there that your heart just goes out to wanting them to find happiness in their life.  This show is a fun way to do so.  You have a congregation full of people that have your best interests at heart and are going to make sure to pick out someone who is right for you.  For me, I really like having this show on the air.  I see so few……well…..nothing on the air for Christian singles on mainstream TV.  How many TV shows do you see on the air that don't involve going to a bar to pick someone up?  Every single show about singles or dating always has a place of a bar involved.  I think that is awful and it is frustrating.  What about the Christian singles?  What are they supposed to do?  Where do they go to find someone?  I have thought many times that there really is nothing on TV that Christian singles can relate to.  Until now.  This show is fun.  It puts a light on a group that I think gets overlooked a lot and that is the Christian singles group.  I feel like the singles a lot of times are trying to find something they can relate to with others.  This is a great way to connect everyone to just let that window being shown into the world of Christian singles with their struggles and desires.  I highly recommend checking this show out.  I loved it and am looking forward to seeing more of it.  It Takes A Church airs on Thursday nights 9/8 central on GSN with multiple replays through the week.  Let the matchmaking begin!  For more info on the show, head over to:

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