Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Planting Good Seeds Instead Of Bad Ones

We are all seed planters.  There is that expression of planting seeds and watch them grow.  It is so true and can be so awesome.  You plant that seed and you water it.  Others water it.  You watch it grow and it grows into this great thing.  Fully grown.  

However, there can also be bad seeds.  It can be filled with negativity and can take over.  One thought, one action, one word.  That can be a seed that gets planted.  Even with a field of great seeds, that one little bad seed that got planted can grow faster and be the one that stands taller than anything else.  That can be true in life.  Someone could say something negative to you that just plants a seed in you making you doubt yourself or your confidence.  Anything like that.  That one little seed could continue to get watered by that one person or, worst yet, yourself.  Once that seed is planted, we can dwell on that one thing and it just continues to grow.  That one thing said may not even be a big deal but it can stir in our thoughts and continue to get bigger and bigger.  Until that one seed that grew dwarfs all these amazing good seeds that have grown into beautiful.  

How can you get rid of that bad seed?  How can you keep it from growing?  Just like a real life seed.  Don't water it.  A seed without water isn't going to grow.  It will go away.  We can plant bad seeds without even realizing it.  Something we say might be a trigger on something that another person is dealing with.  It may wear them down and that seed is planted making them wilt and not grow.

We need to plant good seeds.  Encouragement.  Positivity.  Watch people grow.  Your words of encouragement may be the thing that makes that seed planted in this person to fully grow out.  You never know what small little thought or word might be the biggest thing that has ever been said to them.  

In a world that is so negative, we need to be that shining light.  Be that encouragement.  Be that spiritual light in this dark world.  Our thoughts and actions might be what makes the difference in a person growing or wilting.  We're all planting seeds every day.  Spiritual seeds that we want to see grow.  Just make sure you are planting the right seeds.  Plant the good seeds.  Water them.  Watch them grow.  Then, sit back and just watch as it grows and grows.  Definitely something to smile about when you just sit back in amazement at what God can do with those great seeds.

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