Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank You For Wearing That Shirt

Thank you for wearing that shirt.  I was wearing one of my shirts that represented God and my faith.  I was out on a road trip and made a stop in a town.  It wasn't a town that I was expecting to stop in and not my normal stop.  So, maybe God wanted me to stop in this town.  He had a divine appointment for me.  I walked in and then on the way out, I was stopped by a group telling me how they loved my shirt and thanked me for wearing it.  It caught me off guard in a good way thinking, wow, God really needed me to stop off my normal path for a few minutes and be a witness.  As I got back on the road, it made me think of how we need to be that visual witness for people.  Just wearing a shirt that reminds them of God and Jesus can be a witness without us even having to say anything.  How powerful is that and how awesome is that! I guess I just never really think about it.  It's just regular everyday to wear a shirt representing your faith.  You never know when you might run into someone that needed to see that on that day.  Plus, you never know when you just make an unexpected stop on your road trip that God may have a sudden divine appointment for you.  Hopefully it boosted those people.  I know it did me.  Keep your eyes open and be that visual witness.  You never know what it might mean to people.  You could be that message from God that just walks in and out of the place and you don't know what you might have been as far as encouragement for someone.

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