Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Christian Mingle The Movie Coming To Theaters in October

Christian Mingle, the movie, is coming to theaters in October.  I have been hearing a lot of buzz on this movie and details are starting to roll out about it including a movie trailer.  The story follows 30 year old Gwyneth Hayden, who is struggling in her dating life.  She has everything including the career but has yet to find love.  She feels it is desperation time for her in the dating world.  She sees an advertisement for and decides to sign up to see if she can find the right man for her.  Only thing with it is that she is not a Christian.  She is living this lie of her faith while trying to hook this guy that she has met on the site.  The story definitely seems to focus more on the story of how this relationship stirs her soul toward God.  Director Corbin Bernsen has already come out saying that this movie is not an advertisement for although they have been partners in the movie.  He gives them a lot of credit for how great of partners that they have been with this movie.  I really find this movie interesting.  I think the movie can address a lot with a world that many are now that familiar with and that is the online dating world.  At the same time and most importantly, it will show this story of faith and how this girl's lie is going to turn around and bring her to God.  This movie will be released in October and I am definitely in for checking it out.  Want to see the trailer?  Here it is.  :)

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