Monday, September 29, 2014

Carrie Underwood Debuts "Something In The Water"

It is no secret that I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan.  I'm a long time member of her fan club.  Go to shows all the time.  Jesus Take The Wheel is the theme song to my life.  Carrie is so open and honest with her faith.  She is definitely an inspiration along with her husband, Mike Fisher.  Both stand so strong in their faith.  Carrie often has talked about several that questioned her coming out with her first single, Jesus Take The Wheel, saying to Carrie "ohhhh, that's risky coming out with a faith based song first thing".  Carrie would respond with comments of shock saying that she thought that was the best way to go.  Many more songs have been released over the years centering on her faith including "Temporary Home" and most recently, "Who Are You", off of her Blown Away album.

Well, get ready.  Carrie just released her new single a few hours ago.  "Something In The Water".  Wow!  There are no words.  My first thought when I heard it was this is Jesus Take The Wheel 2.0.  How fitting is it that on her Greatest Hits album and almost 10 years of Carrie in our lives that she goes big with another spiritual song?  The song is perfection.  Such a powerful and strong song.  The lyrics talk about being alone in that dark place and wasting that life that God gave us.  How there is something way more powerful for us out there.  Going God's route and being saved.  Baptized.  Changing our lives.  Stepping out in faith.  Letting our faith lead the charge of our lives.  Trusting in God that he has something so big for us that it will just leave us speechless.  We all have our plans in our lives of what we want to do with it.  If we let God lead our lives, he can do amazing things with us.  Helping others.  Encouraging others.  Changing this world which is often so dark.  "In a world so big, it will break your heart and you just want to help but not sure where to start.  So, you close your eyes and send up a prayer into the dark".  That is songs from another great Carrie song, "Change".  "Something In The Water" carries so much inspiration.  Allowing the changes of God to flow in our lives.  The joy that those changes bring.  The song concludes with her singing "Amazing Grace" which is just amazing.  No pun intended.  LOL.  I have been to many Carrie shows and one of the greatest treats is to hear her sing "How Great Thou Art".  It will send chills through you when she starts hitting those notes at the end.  I can just see such a sweet spirit in her that just glows every time she sings that song and I'm sure it is going to be exactly the same with "Something In The Water".  Needless to say that I am really looking forward to hearing her do this song live in concert.

Carrie is such an inspiring person that she probably has no idea just how much that she inspires people. That is just Carrie.  She's great like that.  God has used her in a very mighty way with her life.  We just keep getting to be blessed by God using her.  Check out "Something In The Water".  You won't be disappointed! Her Greatest Hits album will be available on December 9, 2014.

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