Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Bigger The Storm, The Bigger The Rainbow

The bigger the storm, the bigger the rainbow.

That was the message that I noticed when watching the end of a bad severe weather day lately.  I was outside storm watching as this storm was moving out.  One side of the sky was completely orange looking with the clouds moving fast.  It was the tail end of the stormy sky.  As I turned and looked at the other side of the sky, I saw the biggest and brightest rainbow.  It was a full rainbow at that.  It was one of those moment where you are just looking at this all going on over your head and your spirit just feels a bit overwhelmed seeing something that you don't see every day.  As I was watching the rainbow, that message popped right into my head.  This was a pretty big storm.  It thankfully wasn't as big as it could have been.  As this storm ended, we were left with this big, bright, full rainbow.  

It was a great comparison of the storms in all of our lives.  Some are small storms.  Some are just showers.  Some feel like an absolute hurricane.  We weather through those storms.  Hanging on to God all the way.  He is hanging on to us as well.  You may get fatigued during those life storms and that is when you just keep hanging on.  We may get fatigued but we have a God that never gets fatigued.  He is always strong.  When we can't be strong, he is strong for us.  At the end of the storm, you will see the rainbow.  It won't storm forever.  It may storm for a while or not long at all.  Even in the biggest of the storms in your life, God will show you the biggest of rainbows.  That is when you breathe easy and say, whew, God got me through it.  Those clouds are parting and you are left with just the last bits of that storm as it clears out.  The storms in life are what can and should make us stronger.  You learn through those storms about the strength that you have.  The persistence.  The determination.  The trust. The promise.  You'll come through that storm stronger than you went into it if you will allow God to do it.  

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