Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Look Of Dating Fatigue

What in the world happened?  How did I get to this point?  I was recently watching the new Christian Mingle movie and there is a scene at the beginning with a look that summarized so many thoughts that Christian singles deal with.  Lacey Chabert's character is seen walking home from meeting up with her friends after talking dating and how nothing was working out.  She has this exhausted dating look on her face as she walks home by herself to a quiet apartment.  When I saw that scene, I just felt such a connection.  When Christian singles are in this situation of still waiting and the exhaustion has taken its toll.  How often you are wearing that face could depend on how much you are longing for it, the length of time it has been in the waiting process, or just where you are in your life in general?  You might wear this face once a week, on occasion, or maybe every single day.  It just depends where you are.  There are many singles that wear that face that probably don't even realize they are doing it. Here are some questions and thoughts that can go along with that face in the thoughts of dating fatigue and the waiting game of life.

How did this happen?  This wasn't your plan.  You were going to be married, have a career you loved, kids, and whatever else you had in your dream for your life.  There is such a life shock that can go along with this.  This was not where you intended to be.  Maybe you're just not fully happy.  Happiness is there but not like you want it to be.  Something is noticeably missing.

How did I become the odd one out?  Everyone else around me has progressed with their life. It's hard when there are weddings, engagements, births, job promotions, and whatever else while you are still waiting in the same spot.  Life seems to be progressing for others but you're still in that same spot waiting for others. Social media can be BRUTAL when it comes to that kind of thing. 

Time is getting by here.  I'm running out of time.  This one is so tricky.  I'm not getting any younger here.  Singles are becoming scarce.  The dating world often gets harder as you get older.  That has been my experience anyway.  That might obviously not be the same for everyone and if it has gotten better for you, so happy and awesome for you!!!  The dating pool gets smaller as you get older.  Just part of life.  When you start looking at that thing called time, panic can set in in a hurry.  God doesn't run on our time.  It's easy and hard to resist looking at that clock and pointing to that watch while talking to God.  God, this is getting harder.  I'm running out of time here.  That is where you have to lean on the promises of God's perfect timing whether it is finding someone or filling that desire with something else.  It will come on his timing.  Not on ours.  Hard, isn't it?  He knows that.  On those panic days of time setting in, just cling to God.  Absolutely cling to him if you have to cause God is holding on.

I'm trying everything here and I'm still getting nowhere. Am I doing something wrong? In today's modern world of technology, there are so many dating options now.  Online dating, social media, and there is always the old fashioned way of going through friends for a set up.  Yet, it still may result in zero happening in your dating life.  All you can do is keep trying. Put yourself out there.  If you see someone interesting, take a chance.  Inquire on that person.  They could be amazing or just might be a ok, no, moving on deal.

I'm tired of being alone.  This one is hard while I think this can be so much of that dating fatigue face.  God created us for fellowship.  I feel like our lights shine more when we're able to have fun with one another, talk to one another, build relationships, etc.  Going home again to that quiet home every night can get beyond tiring and old.  You want someone to talk to about your day.  Someone to just hang out with and have fun with.

I realize I didn't give many answers to those thoughts that can be beyond the physical dating fatigue face.  That is the point of it. That face that is in the movie of her walking down the street is a face of what is going on?  It is a face of nothing but questions and a loss for answers.  This is what a lot of Christian singles are going through. So many questions, fears, loneliness, and just a general loss for words on what is going on?  Why is this taking so long? Is this going to happen?  What if it doesn't happen?  There are billions of people out there in this world.  Why can't I find just one that God has for me?  If God does have this in the plans for you, just remember that your future mate may be out there struggling with this as much or even more than you are.  Say a prayer for them to help them as well until your paths finally do cross.  When I saw that face in that movie, I thought, oh, I must wear that face so much.  LOL. It speaks so much to any single person that has went through the same thing. The thing is if you saw that face on someone and asked them what they were thinking to just try and give them a friend, you very well might get a response of just speechless.  No words coming out cause there are just too many words and thoughts to even speak.  All of it just might come out into one general sentence.  "I'm so tired".  Like I said, this isn't a post to give answers.  This is a post to just realize that that face is on the face of so many Christian singles out there.  I know I have worn that face many times.  This is a post to just say, hey, I understand. Keep fighting.  More importantly, keep praying.

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