Thursday, September 15, 2016

Don't Hurry Cause You Might Miss A Blessing

Radar watching at work.  Watching that pop up storm on radar coming right toward me.  Can I hurry out of here right when I'm done with work and get ahead of that storm?  That was my thinking.  Just common thinking.  Who wants to get stuck driving in heavy rain?  The time came and I hurried for the door.  As I open the door, I notice immediately that it is pouring rain.  Well, so much for that idea.  It looks like I'm going to stand here in my dry spot before roaming out to the car.  So, I just patiently waited it out.  As the rain started to slack up, I headed off to my car.  Yet, I wasn't really planning on going anywhere till I watched it on radar to see which way this pop up was going.  Radar showed it going right in the direction that I was going.  So, I started to settle in but then I looked up and saw something amazing.  A rainbow forming right in front of my car over the road.  It got bigger and bigger.  Brighter and brighter.  One end of it was just so incredibly bright.  God gave me a message in my head as I was watching that rainbow.  If I had hurried to beat that rain, I would have missed this blessing.  What if we are in such a hurry that we miss the blessing that God may be about to put right in front of us?  As the rain settled and after watching it for a while, I headed toward my next destination.  The rainbow disappeared just down the road.  I come to the realization of that I would not have seen this rainbow if I had hurried off.  It wasn't showing from that direction of where I was going. Instead of allowing me to hurry, God said 'wait a minute, let me show you something that you are going to love'.  There was a message in that rainbow.  Don't hurry cause you might miss a blessing.

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