Monday, September 19, 2016

Looking Back at God's Road

It's a busy world.  It seems like we are running non stop.  Just so many things going on and distractions. So many of the times, we are focused forward.  We're focused on the things that we're trying to accomplish.  The things that we're looking forward to and the things we are waiting on God to do in our lives.

One thing that is good for all of us is to just stop.  Stop and just take a breath.  Look at the present day.  Just take that moment to breathe in God and that spirit.  Don't be so focused on the future that we forget to take in the present. 

However, I love this next point.  While we're looking to the future, the road ahead might look intimidating and hard.  There is another direction to remember too.  The road behind you.  Stop and just take a look back at the road behind you.  That road behind you can mean so many things.  Everybody's lives are different.  Different obstacles.  Different things to overcome.  There is one common ground though.  God got you to this point.  No matter the road and its difficulty, God got you down it.  Now, look ahead with the road in front of you.  He got you to this point.  He can get you the rest of the way down the road of where you are getting to.

Reflecting back on the road that you've traveled can be such a humbling experience. It is such a praise worthy experience as well.  It goes with the phrase that I see so much of that God didn't get you this far to just leave you here.  Don't forget to look back and thank God and praise Him for all He has done to get you to this point. I know I had this experience in the last couple of days where I heard a song that reminded me of years ago.  Hearing this song years later put a smile on my face of wow, look at what all blessings that God has added in this amount of time.  That road in between the present and the past of that song.  It was such an overwhelming feeling of praise and thankfulness. 

God is good.  Don't stay so focused on the future that you forget the present or the past.  Remember that God was in it, God is in it, and God will be in it. 

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