Monday, September 19, 2016

Worship Music Monday - We Believe by Newsboys

This is the first in a series of a new feature on the site.  Worship Music Monday. Something that will encourage you and hopefully lift your spirit on a Monday.  Let's be clear that Mondays are usually not a favorite day of the week for anyone.  LOL.  So, how about some good worship music to start your week off right?

Let's start off with "We Believe" by Newsboys.  This song is such a strong anthem in just standing in your faith, your belief, and speaking out on it.  It may be whether you are riding through the storms of life or just being bold proclaiming your faith.  We believe. This song is also featured in the movie, "Do You Believe?" which is such a rollercoaster ride of emotions in the stories of so many characters.  If you've never seen that movie, check it out!  Very powerful.  For me, this song is even more special as it was the theme song for a youth mission trip that I got to experience. We believe.  Missioning for God.  Being a witness to others.  Here is the music video for "We Believe" followed by a video where they discuss the meaning of this song.  

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