Monday, June 5, 2017

Singles Waiting For That Extra Addition In Your Life

I was overhearing a conversation over the weekend talking about how thankful those husbands were for their wives.  They were complimenting each other saying how each other's wives had brought the best of them to another level, been that support system for them, etc.  It made me think of things from a singles perspective. To all the singles out there that might be reading this, do you ever think about if you had that person in your life on the difference that it could make? I'm single too so if I had that question put to me, the answer is obviously, duh, yes.  LOL.

I often wonder, would I be stronger?  More confident? Happier? More determined? More supported? All those things.  The answer is obviously more than likely yes and that depends on if you have the right person in your life. The right person is going to make you feel all of those things cause they are going to be your teammate and be an encouragement.

I think this is something that all singles go through if you are desiring that person for your life. It's an interesting balance cause we are made complete in Jesus. He's our spirit and our purpose. We can do all things through Him. Yet, there is the scripture of how he knew people needed a helpmate so he made them one. Jesus knew that in our lives that we would need that helpmate to be that person to encourage, support, and do life with.

For me as a single, there are ups and downs with that whole thing. Same with anybody. There are the days where you feel strong. There are the days where you would love to have that person to lean on with a bad day. Somebody to pray with. Some days it feels like you are doing all you can with what you've got. Other days you are thinking, ok God, we've got this. It really is an up and down battle. So, what do you do on those overwhelming days? I paused on typing as I looked to answer that question. There really isn't just that easy answer. I stirred on that when I was listening to that conversation cause it was such a happy conversation among those two married duos that are just great. Yet, I couldn't help but think of the battle of a single of when we don't have that person to bring us up to that next level so to speak. God is close to those who are overwhelmed in spirit. He knows our struggles and gives us the strength to battle them. Sometimes it is almost like we are doing things ourselves to lift our own spirit when we don't have that person next to us to lean on. Lean on God. He knows the desires of singles out there. He has the perfect timing on things. The right thing at the time. This is all the same thing that I'm sure all of you including me has heard before so it is nothing new. That is what we have to do. Maybe it is the same old advice because it is THE advice that God gives us. We lean on Him and wait for Him. We do what we can do and let God do what we aren't able to do. We can only do so much which is obviously through Him. We can't do what we aren't able to do. That is God's power. He makes the impossible possible. That same advice that we hear over and over is likely why we hear it over and over. That is what God tells us to do. Wait, trust, be still.

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